• 465 Sex Drive works really, really well. Don’t believe me? Maybe you’ll believe the packed house…on a Tuesday night. Yes, a full house on a Tuesday at 9 p.m. And that crowd was laughing hysterically, applauding and cheering throughout the performance from Red Boat Productions.”
             ~~ Elizabeth J. Musgrave,  BroadwayWorld.com

  • “The pacing is deft and the dancing (choreographed by Kenny Shepard) is fresh and fun to watch. The graceful movement of the women’s beautiful legs atop their designer ‘come f*ck me’ shoes is mesmerizing. How in the world do they do that?”
            ~~Hope Baugh via Indy Theatre Habit

  • “The choreography was crisp and illustrative, and the often sassy projection of the characters’ obsessions tended to wipe away much concern for their recovery… it was pretty clear we were to enjoy whatever fellowship they managed to achieve, both in the carpool and in the sessions themselves.”
            ~~Jay Harvey via IndyStar.com

  • "Lashes Off, a wonderful production, makes an entire show based on the willingness of the cast members to share their real selves. It is so sexy. Love and life cross age, orientation, and time to create a unique gem."
             ~~ Kathy Gehlhausen-Slaughter,  FringeTalk

  • "Lashes Off was a huge sellout... they could've sold it out two times over."
               ~~Allison Carter@AllisonLCarter

Disco Nights enjoyed record breaking crowds, rave reviews and a command performance at American Cabaret Theatre/The Theatre at The Athenaeum in the heart of the Mass Ave arts district in downtown Indianapolis.Worcel Shepard Productions conceived, directed and choreographed the show weaving 70's mega hits into a disco storyline that brought audiences to their feet.
Meet the club kids in a disco, boogie wonderland that takes audiences behind the velvet ropes. The story may be typical boy meets girl, but the presentation is anything but, including an ultra glam club wedding finale. Between acts, audience members can shake their groove things as a live DJ spins everyone's favorite disco hits.
Room by room, the guests and staff of the Heartbreak Hotel spin a web of heartache, passion, betrayal and love with renditions of some of the best rock and roll ever recorded. The retro rooms of this musical hotel are rockin' with a cheating husband, an escaped convict, honeymooners, and a bellhop in love.
  • ".... a sensuously fast-paced, tinsel-twirl into '70's culture and chaos, replete with emulated characters and real resolutions. Conceived and directed by Carol Worcel and Kenny Shepard, it's a definite 'go see, go experience' cabaret performance with a lot of heart. You'll experience visualizations of three dozen songs that ear-marked a decade historians refer to as "a nervous breakdown." Disco Nights subtly captures the era and surprises with a flourish. Make the trip and groove a little..."it"
              ~~ Rita Kohn, NUVO
  • "From "I Love the Nightlife" to "Last Dance," the pulsating songs, the groovin’ moves, the sensuous moments and the glitter and glam transport show-goers to a happy place...There's too much to praise... the sleazy to glitzy costumes, along with the wigs, glorious wigs evoke the era. A white wedding scene is straight out of Vegas."
             ~~ Bonnie Britton, 
                 The Indianapolis, Star
  • "This is not your usual Elvis impersonation, show... Heartbreak Hotel weaves a story involving 10 characters with no dialogue, just the songs of Elvis Presley... Clever and very professional... Whether you're an Elvis fan or not, don't miss Heartbreak Hotel..." 
          ~~ Tom Berg, The Track, 107.9
465 Sex Drive and Lashes Off courtesy of IndyFringe
Disco Nights, Heartbreak Hotel, photographed by Julie Curry Photography, Enter Love photographed by Zach Rosing  
Produce a proven smash hit show for your venue. Worcel Shepard Productions creates book shows and musical revues available for licensing. These five shows (three in collaboration with Red Boat Productions and composer Lynn Lupold) have enjoyed sold out runs, critical acclaim and successful remounts at multiple theatres:

465: Sex Drive... A Musical
was the top selling show in the history of the Indianapolis Fringe Festival and enjoyed a sold out run at the Spotlight Theatre, Indianapolis. The show can be reworked in any city using unique locales and local humor. With original music and lyrics by Lynn Lupold and book by Kenny Shepard, Ty Stover and Sharla Steiman, this show is available for licensing through Red Boat Productions.

Ride with our six captivating sex addicts as they carpool to their weekly sex addiction therapy session. Hear their funny and bittersweet accounts as they share both songs and their sex lives, explaining how they ended up as comrades and sexy confidants. 
Lashes Off begins as a fairly traditional cabaret set, but immediately takes a left turn where guards are dropped as each performer begins to reveal rarely seen glimpses of the real, complex person behind the character usually seen on stage. Produced by Red Boat Productions, the original music and lyrics are by Lynn Lupold with direction and choreography by Kenny Shepard and Carol Worcel. A sell out run at IndyFringe, these women were named "the best talent at Fringe."

Get to know the women behind the lashes as they dare to expose their offstage personas and bare it all in a provocative, interactive, personal way. Based on their real life stories, no topic is off limits: love, sex, religion, orientation, jealousy, gay marriage, divorce and even an account of a brief career as an exotic dancer. Funny, poignant and sexy, their steamy secrets are out as layers are stripped away revealing the woman behind the persona.
Enter Love
began as an unscripted musical revue at Indianapolis’ Connoisseur Room starring Shannon Forsell. A book was added which resulted in two smash runs at Chicago's Quest Theatre and The Historic Monon/Civic Theatre of Lafayette. ENTER LOVE is produced by Red Boat Productions with original music by Lynn Lupold and Jeff Bowen, book by Kenny Shepard, Don Seybold and Ty Stover.
A musical about the faced paced nature of love in the 21st century, Enter Love is uniquely set in a bustling airport. The travelers are flirting, dreaming, sharing, lying, lounging, confessing and finding...love. A metaphor for love's arrivals, departures, delays and cancellations, this airport musical is full of symbolic rough landings and some baggage along our travelers' journeys.

Heartbreak Hotel features all of Elvis' #1 hits in a musical theatre setting. Conceived, written and produced by Worcel Shepard Productions, this fresh approach to familiar songs draws theatre and Elvis fans alike. Without impersonation or references to his life, the show pays tribute to The King through his music and the characters named after those closest to The King.
  • "Enter Love succeeded at conveying a funny, contemporary story that is universal. In light of recent developments regarding marriage equality, it was especially gratifying that the playwrights included same-sex relationships that were presented as nothing out of the ordinary and portrayed what many believe represents the new norm. Four Stars."
           ~~ Tom Alvarez, The Examiner
  • "Laughs, some tears and some reality checks brings this story into the "truth be told" category. The characters share their more vulnerable side to the audience and each other. Bottom Line Enter Love... The Airport Musical shares life, laughter and love in personal relationships of all types."
           ~~ Elizabeth Musgrave, Gotta Go
  • "Ah, that was fun. And prob'ly the most ROMANTIC show I've been to in a while."
           ~~ Hope Baugh @IndyTheatre